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[Translation] Lotte Duty Free Style Magazine June 2011 Interview

My first attempt to translate directly from Korean.  Hope it makes sense.  To our prince – proud of you, proud of being your Cloud!


“The name Rain seemed to have dedicated completely to his 20s.  2011 is a year filled with excitement as he looks forward rightly to a different world in his 30s.”  Rain is shooting a movie “Fly Up, Close to the Sun” and a still picture of the movie was revealed a few days ago.   Rain stood beside a fighter airplane against the background of a red, sunset sky.  He gave a strong charisma of a fighter pilot who had the highest dream in the world.  A dream to fly high is not just a dream in the movie.  Jung Jihoon and Rain lived  his 10s and 20s more intensely than anyone else.  Indeed everyday his times were spent with the aim to fly high beautifully.  If life goals are divided into units of 10 years, Rain now wants to shake off all the burdensome decorative words. In order to let others see him 100% as “Rain”, he is doing his best today for this goal. To his ‘Clouds’, he wants “to be their Rain they are always proud of.”

Rain always live for “Spring”

People in the world all have their own seasons.  Regardless of others, each has his own existence and his own life’s solar terms.  Rain likes spring the most.   As if the world knows everything, he spent a harsher and longer winter more than anyone else.  Not sure if people have taken the fact that Rain likes spring the most for granted.  However, spring is not about “lasting” the winter.  It is also not about oneself safely passing through the time.  On the contrary, spring is the time when one has to fight even more fervently than winter, in order for the trees to bud and the flowers to blossom.  It is the season that promises a robust life in future.  Therefore compared to any other time, spring is the time that confirms in a beautiful way about one’s “current” state of being.  Spring promises people the peak of their time.  Rain said once “The thing I fear most is myself”.  For the first time we understand the important reason why Rain, who always warns and guards himself against laziness, likes the season spring the most.  He has said that a life without challenge has no meaning and is completely non enjoyable.  One who thinks that a satisfying peak still has not yet arrived, one who believes in the process of moving upwards by building a new target only to be followed by an even bigger target, this person is ‘Rain’.

Only ‘Rain’ is able to surpass ‘Rain’

After the decorative phrase ‘World Star’ was put before his name, “although there are many people who don’t really like Rain and people who decide to slander him, the absolutely undeniable point is that Rain is an awfully hard working person”.  This fact has once again become a topic when Rain showed people that he is no different from his “yesterday”.  At the time when he was shooting the movie “Ninja Assassin”, Rain’s such hard working shocked the Wachowsky brothers.  Working together with Hollywood trainers who helped the actors of the movie <300>, Rain went through harsh training to achieve a body with almost 0% fat for the movie.  At an interview then, ‘Rain’ is more than a leading individual singer, or actor. He is also Asia’s leading cultural icon.   He took such role and responsibility on his shoulder and has been doing his best.  The important thing is not about asking the result of “success or failure”.  The important thing is asking if he is satisfied that he has done his best and has no regret.  He is not the passive ‘star’ moving according to others’ wish.  He intends to be ‘a person’ who is ‘really’ actively living his life.  Rain considers the most important thing is being able to walk one’s happy road.

The future of the name ‘Rain’

Not long ago Rain posted a photo in his Twitter and said “This person knows me! We even had dinner sitting next to each other.  I’ve admired him since I was a child. I’m speechless. Everybody, this is Sting, OMG”.  He had a picture together with world class singer Sting.  5 years after 2006 Rain stepped on the red carpet once more after he was named again by U.S. <Times> magazine as one of the “100 most influential people in the world”.  Rain could not hide his happiness when he said “When I was first there, I thought it was my first and also my last time. Now I stood there a second time”.  Debuted as a solo singer with “Bad Guy” in 2002, and chosen as a CF model for a clothing brand, this is what Rain said about himself: as well as being a singer and an actor, ‘Rain’ has also become a brand.  It’s a very grateful thing as a model when one sustains well and if the value of the product can increase.  As someone with intelligence, who knows how to add “value” beyond the role of simply promoting a product, Rain once confessed at an interview “I started as an idol singer and then also became an actor. I will be going in and out overseas again as a singer and an actor. If I stay brilliantly as an idol, over time I will be replaced and disappear.  I hate that.”  Rain is always committed to “become a person who is irreplaceable”.  Rather than the decorative phrase “world star”, people will meet Rain again as he stood on the red carpet once more as an endless growing, evolving cultural content and an influential brand Rain.
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he always keeps his promise.
Thank you very much for your effort.
thank you so much for the translation, the content is cool
thanks for sharing ^^
Thanks for the translation. I really like the 'Spring' paragraph. I think the writer was really using his brain to think about how to write on our Rain and wrinting it from heart, very appreciated
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great translation!! thanks a million
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很好的一篇報導,  很用心去寫智薰 !
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Rain 这个名字似乎20来岁已经完全奉献。2011是充满兴奋的一年,他期待着30来岁不同的世界。Rain 正在拍摄电影“飞翔,靠近太阳“,前几天,已铺光电影的一张照片。Rain 站在战斗机旁边,背景红色夕阳的天空。他给了一个战斗机飞行员很强的魅力,有着最高的世界梦想。飞得很高并不只是电影的梦想。郑智薰和rain 10来岁至20来岁,生活比别人还积极。的确每一天他过的生活,有着飞的高和灿烂的目标。如果人生目标可以分成每10年计算,Rain 现在想摆开所有繁琐修饰的字。为了让别人100% 只当他是“Rain”,他正在努力做好这个目标。对他的”云“,他要当”他们一直骄傲的Rain”

Rain 永远为春天而活

全世界的人都有自己的季节。不管别人怎么样,每个人都有自己的存在和人生solar terms。 Rain 最喜欢春天。就像世界好像知晓一切一样,他过了别人还严峻和漫长的冬天。不确定别人是否觉得rain喜欢春天是理所当然。不过,春天并不是为了“渡过“冬天。也并不是一个人安然无恙的度过时光。相反的,春天比冬天,更需要热切的战斗,树木才能发芽,开花。是个承诺未来健壮生活的季节。所以,比起别的时候,春天确定一个美丽的“现况“。春天承诺人们他们时间的顶峰。 Rain 曾说过“我最怕的是自己”第1次我们明白了最重要的原因为什么一直提防自己懒惰 的rain,最喜欢春天。他说过人生没挑战没有意义,也完全无趣。一个觉得满足的顶峰还未来临,一个相信往上爬,设立了新目标,又再设立更大的目标的这个人就是”Rain”

只有“Rain” 可以超越“Rain”

修饰词“世界明星”被挂在他名字后,虽然很多人不喜欢rain, 也有人想诽谤他,无可否认的Rain 是一个绝对努力的人。这个事实再次成为话题,当rain 显示给大家看他和“以往“不同。那时在拍摄”忍者刺客“,rain 的努力就让Wachowsky兄弟惊讶。与帮过“300”电影的好莱坞训练师合作,rain 为了电影,经历了严峻的训练,达到几乎 0%脂肪。当时的一个采访,rain 不只是一名歌手或演员。他还是亚洲文化icon。他杠起这样的角色和责任在肩膀,也努力做好。最重要并不是为了寻求“成功/失败”的结果。最重要的东西是他寻求是否满意做到最好,没有遗憾。他不是那种被动的明星,只按照别人的要求。他想做“真正“积极生活的“人”。Rain 认为最重要东西是可以自己走自己快乐的人生道路。


不久前, rain 在推特贴了照片“这个人认识我,我们还坐在一起吃晚餐,我从小就很欣赏他,我哑口无言了。大家,这位是 Sting, 我的天啊”2006年的5年后,rain 再次被选为时代杂志“100最影响力人士“,再次踏上了红地毯,还和世界级歌手 Sting 合照。Rain 无法隐藏他的喜悦,他说“第1次去的时候,我以为是第1次,也是最后一次,现在我竟然又第二次站在那里“2002年时,以“坏男人”出道成为单人歌手,被选为衣服品牌代言人,rain 说关于他自己:成为歌手和演员,“Rain” 也成为了一个品牌。很重要的事:一个模特儿,需要保持好,还有如果能使品牌价值提升。一个有智慧的人,懂得提升“价值“,超越只是单单宣传产品,rain 曾经在采访说过“我歌手出身,然后成为演员。我也会以歌手/演员在海外出入。如果我保持亮丽的偶像,假以时日我会被取代而消失。我不喜欢。Rain 永远立志“成为无可取代”的人。与其是修饰词“世界明星”,他再次站在红地毯,人们见到的rain,是永不停止成长,不断发展文化内涵,影响力品牌的Rain。
seldom have this good writing as most of the media, don't know why they always write the negative feeling/words on some of the artists but EXCEPT..............this, thank you for translation and also deeply thanks for the writer/reporter to write of this script.
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Rain 永遠都系Super Star
不斷努力 , 不斷挑戰自已 , 這就是 RAIN , 無人能取代